About L.A. Tripp

I don't consider myself a PUG or an mPUA.  Others call me those things.  But . . . I do have experience. With this experience, I can help you get to where you want to be, which is the whole purpose of this site. I'm here for YOU!

With that said, my style may not suit you. I'm direct. I'm blunt. I'll tell you exactly what I see. I don't normally soften things or beat around the bush. I can personally help with every step from opening to "F" closing and inner and outer game. I'm not good at fashion, but I know several girls that can help you with that.

Here's some of my personal experience :
       "Some nights are so shitty, you wonder how you've had good nights, lol. But, thinking back on stuff, I see things that at times seem pretty amazing. At times, they seem normal too though.
        I've been in 4somes. 2 guys 2 girls. 
        I've been in 3somes, both mmf and ffm. Both are fun. Letting my girl have me and another guy is fun. Seeing another guy try to please her, then me actually pushing her over the edge. Then, seeing my girl make out with another woman, while they are laying in bed on top of me, is cool. Then, two naked women in bed with me, both working to please me, two pussies waiting for me to enter, two mouths kissing me, two sets of breasts for me to fondle, caress, and kiss. Two asses for me to squeeze. Waking up with two naked women in bed, one on each side of me.
       Then, I've had girls take me into their groups with them while dancing. I've had girls push themselves up against me, grind hard against me, pull my hands to pull me tighter against them while dancing. I've had girls sandwich me on the dance floor, front, back, and at times even on the sides. I've switched partners while dancing, to give each girl some time with me. I've had girls want to kiss me so badly that they give me an almost never ending lip lock on the dance floor while they're grinding on me. I've had girls practically get themselves off while grinding on me. While we're dancing. I've had girls seduce me while dancing. They've, at times, searched the club, and the dance floor looking for me when I left them.
       I've had nurses and surgeons in training to get hooked on me. They even introduced me to their friends, had their friends to dance with me, gave me multiple partners. They didn't want me to leave. Qualifying themselves to me about how they have their own place, two vehicles, pay their own bills, go to school for a high paying career, and working all at the same time. No time for a social life, BUT want me to spend with them.
       I've had girls just flat out pin me against counters and walls and push themselves against me. 
       I've had girls expose themselves to me in the clubs and outside of the clubs.
       I've had them want to fuck me in their cars because they've wanted me so bad.
       I've had them play pool with me and we've negged each other back and forth, and I beat the shit out of her during the game, and she kept pushing for more from me, despite the fact that at least a half a dozen guys were buying her beer, and I wasn't spending any money on her. She'd hug me, she'd ask me to stay, she'd give me "that look".  
I've had girls ditch their b/f's to hang with me, dance with me, talk to me, have fun with me.
       I've had girls in thong contests with hot bodies, having the guys drool over them, hug me, hang on to me, give me "the look", push herself against me.
       I've had girls in groups with other guys watch me on stage dancing and get as close to me as they could, and follow my every move, and give me EC as much as they could, and smile, even though other guys were there, including their man. 
       I've had girls come on to me right in front of my girl in the clubs. Dancing with me, getting dirty with me. My girl, of course, didn't care.
       I've had MLTR's.
I've pulled 3 different girls in the same day . . . several times.
       I've got girls that drive an hour and half or more each way to come see me . . . just to be with me, and to get off by me.

      I've got girls that have b/f's that keep coming back to me, telling me they just can't resist being around me, being "with" me.

      I can make girls squirt, everyday, at any time. Once they experience that, they can't get enough.
      I stack their O's. If the squirting doesn't hook them, this will.

      I've had girls completely committed to their man, dropping their panties for me. Telling me I can make a girl drop her panties before I have a chance to blink.

      I've got girls that literally can't be around me, because I tempt them too much.

      And other experiences I can't even remember right now.

      And sometimes, I feel like I've done nothing . . .

      And . . . all of this started . . . with a mindset.
      The thing is, this same mindset will help you in other areas as well. It's called . . . confidence.


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